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2021-01-22 – Today sees the release of THERION’s 17th studio album Leviathan! The album was met with widespread praise and critical acclaim, and the Swedish Symphonic Metal forerunners are proud to celebrate its release day with yet another magnificent music video for the song “Tuonela”. You can expect demons, swordplay, fire, blood, drama & basically anything else that’s epic crammed into one video! Enjoy!

Watch the video for “Tuonela” here:

As a guest, former NIGHTWISH singer and bassist Marko Hietala lends his voice to the song.

THERION mastermind Christofer Johnsson comments:
“Like everyone else I’m very sad and was also surprised to read that Marko is leaving Nightwish. But I understand the meaning of his reasons and there are many that are frustrated about the same things.
But Marko has been active as a professional recording artist with various quality bands since the mid 80s, so I am absolutely sure we will see his return to the scene in time. He is simply too good to not be involved with music. But right now I hope he will take a good amount of time to just find himself and get the full energy and inspiration back on track.”

THERION’s new album Leviathan can be bought or streamed here:

THERION have always been a band that have challenged themselves to explore new paths, while remaining true to their musical core values. For their 17th studio album, Leviathan, mastermind Christofer Johnsson and his collaborator Thomas Vikström have created something that has been previously unthinkable to the guitarist and the singer. “We have done the only thing that was left of all the different angles to explore”, explains Christofer. “We have decided to give the people what they kept asking for. Leviathan is the first album that we have deliberately packed with THERION hit songs.”


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