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Metal is known for inciting mass headbanging. This year, metalheads continued to butt heads over an age-old question: natty or not?

Wrath of Logarius are plenty mysterious. They come crawling out of the misty California forests with a brutal, blackened and eerily melodic new subgenre: Formless Black Metal. But when it comes to this skeletal trio, the answer to that hard-hitting question is obvious. After all, they’re backed by none other than the legendary Lord Marco.

The Lord of the Blast lives up to his name on this new drum playthrough. Just watch how his fingers fly across the snare kit like little devils crashing through the gates of hell.

Watch the playthrough for “Soul Ascension”: https://youtu.be/uF8UyeypLKc?si=sbaMEXqB_7ZrOOhv

“In my new drum video, I demonstrate a refreshingly melodic and tasteful approach to drumming, incorporating intricate rhythms and expressive fills that add depth and musicality to the grooves”, says Lord Marco. “This video showcases my ability to blend technicality with creativity, resulting in a captivating and memorable drumming performance.”

“Soul Ascension” is the second single off ‘Necrotic Assimilation”. This EP will be available as a digital download starting December 8.

Pre-order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/wrath-of-logarius-skull
Pre-save: https://orcd.co/necroticassimilationpresave

So what exactly is formless black metal? A mountainous slop of human flesh…an amalgamation of ever-changing eyes, fangs and bone. That description is one of the first things you hear on lead single “The Burning One”, and while awfully unsettling, it hits the nail right through the demon’s skull. The song screams across the sky thanks to Noctifer’s malignant vocals, only to plunge into a fiery pit of tremolo picking

“Soul Ascension” is more of a slow burn, shuddering awake with an eerie guitar melody that drips like candles around a coffin. But as you’ve now seen, the pace quickens before bursting into flames under the clip of Lord Marco’s hi-hat.

Follow Lord Marco for more blistering, all-natural playthroughs: youtube.com/@lordmarco

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