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Swedish AOR rock act STAR VISION have announced the release of their debut EP ‘Another Time, Another Place’ on March 31st on all streaming platforms. A video teaser for the song ‘Remember Those Nights‘ can be streamed on YouTube below.

Inspired by the 80s, of epic summers and the hits that soundtracked our lives, including Foreigner, Journey, John Parr, and Genesis, ‘Remember Those Nights’ is the first taste from STAR VISION’s debut EP.


1. Searching High And Low (Remedy)
2. Destiny
3. Last Day Of September
4. Remember Those Nights

Star Vision EP

Star Vision EP

Recorded and produced by: Scott van Dort, Stockholm, Sweden. Mixed by: Sefi Carmel at Soundtrack-Creation, London UK. Mastered by: eMastered. Album Artwork by: Cardinal Design. Star Vision logo by: John Elements. Videos created by: Randall Hammer.


Scott van Dort – All vocals and instruments
Jimmy Konsta – Guitar solo on Remember Those Nights, Searching High and Low (Remedy)
Doug Mecca – Guitar solo on Destiny, Last Day of September by Doug Mecca

Star Vision

Star Vision


STAR VISION is a new rock act from Stockholm, Sweden, born out of nostalgia for the 80s – a time when blockbuster films filled the big screen, guitar solos ruled the radio, and epic summers created memories that would last forever. Taking influence from artists including, Foreigner, Don Henley, Genesis, Journey, Whitesnake, Richard Marx, Lou Gramm and John Parr, Star Vision’s debut EP ‘Another Time, Another Place’ captures the spirit of yesteryear without kitsch or cliché.

Another Time, Another Place’ was self-produced and recorded by Star Vision in Stockholm, Sweden and mixed by London-based, award-winning composer, producer, and mixing/mastering engineer, Sefi Carmel. Carmel has mixed, remixed, and mastered tracks for the likes of David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Bublé, Massive Attack, BB King and others.

The four-song EP opens with the hard rocking, keyboard-driven “Searching High and Low (Remedy)“, and is followed by the EP’s nostalgic pop/rock anthem, “Destiny“, the heartfelt “Last Day of September“, and closes with the arena-ready “Remember Those Nights”.

Scott van Dort

STAR VISION is fronted by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Scott van Dort, formerly of Los Angeles act, The Black String Theory. The band released a self-titled EP in 2010 and a full-length album in 2012 to positive reviews, often drawing comparisons to Muse, Radiohead, and Coldplay.

During 2014 and 2015, van Dort worked on the Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival Sci-Fest, collaborating with directors such as Dan Castellaneta (“The Simpsons”), Philippe Mora (“The Howling”), and Jack Kenny (“Warehouse 13” and “Falling Skies”). He also continued to produce music in multiple genres for various anonymous projects.

STAR VISION represents a full circle for Van Dort. “I grew up listening to hard rock and metal. But I’ve always felt a strong connection to the sounds I heard on the radio and the music that my Dad played when I was a kid after he unexpectedly passed away in 2021, I felt a strong urge to revisit the music of my youth. With STAR VISION, I feel able to combine all the elements I love about music – keyboards, guitars, drums and strong vocal hooks.

Star Vision Logo

Star Vision Logo


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Headbangers Team
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