Serj Tankian: “There’s no law that says a band should be together for a million years”

In a new interview with Forbes and Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd, Serj Tankian has (once again) addressed the status of System Of A Down. The musician has stated that the follow-up to 2005’s Mesmerize and Hypnotize needs to be “organic”, and he’s expressed the fact that “there’s no law that says a band should be together for a million years and have a million records”. Which is totally fair enough.

Brandon: Are you guys working on new music?

Serj: No.

Brandon: That’s cool though.

Serj: I don’t know if it is or isn’t. But it is what it is. The new music thing, there’s a lot of press going back and forth and I recently made a statement online, on Facebook, explaining the whole hiatus and took responsibility for it.

Brandon: When the time is right you will.

Serj: If the time is right.

Brandon: You never want to put pressure on those kinds of processes. A little bit like, “Be brilliant now. Now!”

Serj: It’s gotta be organic, it’s gotta feel right in every way. But also there’s no law that says a band should be together for a million years and have a million records. Actually, if you look over the years as a musicologist or a fan of music would, in any way, it’s probably regressive thinking.

Brandon: It’s true, if you feel vital, if it feels like you guys need to be together in a room then absolutely. And if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t force the issue.

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