Limos – Tales of the White Eye out on 3rd July

Finnish melodic death metal band Limos is set to release an EP ‘Tales of The White Eye’ on July 3rd 2020 via Inverse Records.

01. Altars
02. Rise to Arms
03 Child of the White Eye
04 Surullisten Järvien Maa

Tales of the White Eye is mixed and mastered by Elmeri Kinnunen (Sewing Room Productions)

First video for Altars single:

Second video for Child of the White Eye single:


Vocals – Eirik Manne
Lead Guitar – Eppu Herala
Rhythm Guitar – Eetu Herala
Bass Guitar, vocals – Tuomas Suokko
Drums – Teemu Ohtonen
We love / live rock music – heavy metal music. We want to support the greek rock/metal scene – we want to support the rock/metal scene around the world. If you need support, send us info about your band at

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