Entheos: New Single, “I Am the Void (Drumcorps Remix),” Now Playing!

– January 10th, 2024 –

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ENTHEOS ring in the new year with a new single: a Drumcorps remix of “I Am The Void.” The original track is taken from the band’s critically adored Time Will Take Us All full-length offering, released in March of 2023 via Metal Blade Records.

Drumcorps is a metal/hardcore-inspired solo project of Aaron Spectre, an electronic musician, and DJ well known within the breakcore scene. His recordings and performances as Drumcorps mix explosive breakbeats and samples with his own guitar shredding, resulting in an aggressive, powerful hybrid of several styles of heavy music. Drumcorps has done remix collaborations with such scene giants as Converge, Code Orange, Animosity, and more. The remix of ENTHEOS‘ “I Am The Void” follows Drumcorps‘ reinterpretation of the band’s “The Interior Wilderness” (also taken from the Time Will Take Us All album), released last October.

Stream ENTHEOS: “I Am The Void (Drumcorps Remix)” at THIS LOCATION.

Pushing progressive death metal in ever more imaginative directions, ENTHEOS continues to stand apart from the pack. Incorporating elements drawn from myriad genres – including death metal, groove, grunge, electronica, slam, gothic rock, jazz, prog and more – the group has evolved with every release. Stripping down to a two-piece in 2020 has helped the band streamline and allow the core members – vocalist Chaney Crabb and drummer/guitarist Navene Koperweis – to make the music they want to with no compromise, resulting in the diverse and exhilarating, Time Will Take Us All.

When it came to penning the lyrics, Crabb knew that she was going to write about her own “experience as a human” and approach the album based on the lingering awareness that there is so much world out there but so little time. The idea hit home in August 2021 when Crabb got into an accident on her electric scooter on the day she started tracking vocals. Because of this accident she found herself in a strange place mentally, juggling between feeling truly happy and grateful for every second that she was alive and got to spend with the people who she loved, but also feeling completely depressed, because of all of the uncertainty surrounding her injuries.

This resulted in songs such as “Absolute Zero,” which is about the battle between mental darkness and lightness, when darkness begins to take over. “In Purgatory” references the state of temporary misery that getting in the accident put her in and more broadly the unknowing of whether an individual will come out of a situation for the better or for the worse, while “Oblivion” discusses the state of being stuck in the day-to-day of life and the lack of awareness that comes along with it.

Ultimately, Time Will Take Us All was received by fans and media alike with open arms. New Noise Magazine hailed, “one of the best versions of modern riff-y progressive death metal we have now,Metal Hammer (UK) lauded a band “poised to morph from a promising project into tech metal titans,” while Loudwire gushed, “the band plays with lockstep precision, turning the gears of their technical death metal machine as it steamrolls forward.” Much of 2023 found the band on tour supporting the record, including separate support runs with labelmates Whitechapel and Revocation and three sold out shows last month with Lorna Shore.

Preview and purchase ENTHEOSTime Will Take Us All: metalblade.com/entheos

…the band plays with lockstep precision, turning the gears of their technical death metal machine as it steamrolls forward.” — Loudwire

…one of the best versions of modern riff-y progressive death metal we have now…” — New Noise Magazine

…poised to morph from a promising project into tech metal titans.” — Metal Hammer (UK)

ENTHEOS oscillate comfortably calmly between djent, technical death metal, and electronic passages” — Rock Hard (DE)

Crabb’s vocals are fearsome and ferocious throughout, Brewer’s fluid, rolling bass lines are as slick and satisfying as his admirers would expect, and the obvious synchronicity between riffs and drums is, at times, almost overwhelming in its supreme focus.” — Blabbermouth

ENTHEOS has found a focus that has given rise to an experience that flourishes with end-to-end listenings.” — Angry Metal Guy



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