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Since winning a coveted JUNO for their last album in 2018, Anciients have been whittling away at their follow-up. That album is done now and will be released later this year. But before the hard-rocking Canucks come down from the mountain with a new set of genre-breaking commandments for the psychedelic masses, they’re flexing their new lineup with a re-recorded version of a proven fan favorite.

Watch the visualizer for “Raise the Sun”: (Created by Scott Rudd Film)

Anciients first came into existence back in 2011, though Kenny Cook (vocals, guitar), Chris Dyck (guitar) and Aaron “Boon” Gustafson (bass) had already played in a band together. Their potent chemistry, joined with drummer Mike Hannay, spilled over into Heart of Oak, which landed the band an opening slot on tour with Lamb of God, as well as on the long list for a JUNO and the 2013 Polaris Music Prize.

After their second album, Voice of the Void, won a JUNO in 2018 for Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year, Anciients underwent several line-up changes. They’re now joined by bassist Roy O’Brien and Brock MacInnes on rhythm guitar. You can hear the full brunt of their twin force on this re-recorded version of “Raise the Sun”. The riffs sizzle with more than enough righteous fury to burn rubber, while the low end casts a thunderous shadow.

“With the 10th anniversary of ‘Heart of Oak’ happening while we were recording our new record, we decided to re-record a couple songs with our current lineup”, says Cook. “It was a trip down memory lane working on this song, a decade later, with producer Jesse Gander at the helm again. We hope you enjoy the sound of this new version of ‘Raise the Sun’.

More praise for Anciients and “Raise the Sun”.

“Initially keys on Fleet Foxes before leaping into a verse so sticky and warm that ASG or Torche might like to have it back” – Pitchfork

“Parts progressive finesse, classic rock grandstanding and grass-roots bludgeon” – PopMatters

“Heady stuff…arch-synthesists, cleverly appropriating a number of familiar, inter-related genres to fuse into a seamless ethos” – Metal Injection

“Proggy, sludgy and downright rocking” – Angry Metal Guy

Anciients third album comes out later this year.

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