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TEMIC are prog rock’s latest and greatest supergroup. These guys have played with Devin Townsend, Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress, Neal Morse and Maraton.

Simen Sandnes comes from an equally impressive, albeit slightly different background. It’s true that he took an interest in drums as a kid, but Sandnes played soccer semi-professionally up until he was 16 years old. Once he reached high school though, the Norwegian prodigy spent most of his days locked in at his school’s rehearsal space, where he now teaches part-time. No wonder he’s endorsed by Zildjian and Mapex.

Sandnes is also the drummer for the blackjazz band SHINING, as well as the prog. metal band Arkentype. He’s even played on an official world cup song and the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack.

Watch him rip through a drum playthrough of TEMIC’s power prog anthem “Count Your Losses” over on our YouTube Channel HERE.

“This particular song holds a special significance for me”, says Sandnes. “It was the very first demo that Diego sent my way three years ago. Witnessing the overwhelming reception it has garnered since then has been truly gratifying.

“When I recorded drums for this track, it served as my ‘audition’ for the band. Consequently, I was determined to showcase the full range of my drumming abilities. In doing so, I incorporated intricate rhythms, plenty of ghost-notes, double pedal techniques, and groovy sections layered with poly-rhythms. The drum solo presented an opportunity to elevate the performance even further. In pursuit of excellence, I enlisted the assistance of my dear friend and esteemed drumming virtuoso, Carsten Omholt, to help craft an impressive drum solo. I can assure you that the collaborative process proved to be an immensely enjoyable challenge.

I sincerely hope that you all relish this play-through video as much as I enjoyed creating it. Your support means the world to me, and I am eager to share this musical journey with each and every one of you.”

The song’s drum transcription is available for download on Sandnes’ website.

“Count Your Losses” is the first single off TEMIC’s debut album ‘Terror Management Theory’, which comes out November 17.

Pre-order the album HERE. Pre-save it HERE.

  1. TMT
  2. Through the Sands of Time
  3. Falling Away
  4. Count Your Losses
  5. Skeletons
  6. Acts of Violence
  7. Friendly Fire
  8. Paradigm
  9. Once More
  10. Mothallah


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