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TEMIC prove that there really is strength in numbers. Eric Gillette (Neal Morse) and Diego Tejeida (Devin Townsend, ex-Haken) had already toured the world together with Mike Portnoy’s Shattered Fortress. But after they joined forces with Maraton’s Fredrik Klemp and Simen Sandnes from SHINING, they formed a new supergroup. The Prog Report was so impressed by TEMIC’s debut, that they dubbed Terror Management Theory one of the best albums of last year.

Now, TEMIC are extending their collaborative streak to a whole ‘nother level. Today, prog-metal’s new sensation are hitting the dance floor with a special remix by none other than DJ ZARDONIC.

Listen to the Drum & Bass remix of “Once More”.


Terror Management Theory is out now on Season of Mist.

Order: https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/Temic
Stream: https://orcd.co/tmtpresave

“Once More” kicks out a djenty riff that’s in the running for the most headbanging moment on Terror Management Theory, but the skittering drum pattern points to the song’s initial inspiration. After all, it was originally called “Pendulum” in honor of the celebrated Australian Drum & Bass group. “Diego and I are both avid D&B fans”, says Simen. “When we got to talking about how fantastic it would be to remix songs from the album, I knew exactly who to approach for this track”.

While recognized by his menacing black-and-white mask, Zardonic is known in even the most extreme corners of the underground. The EDM behemoth has put his hard-hitting, fleet-footed spin on Gorgoroth, Fear Factory, Bullet for My Valentine and Simen’s other band SHINING. “I admire Zardonic’s style immensely” Simen says. “No matter what it sounds like, you can always tell when you’re listening to one of his songs”.

The connection between these two international players doesn’t stop there, either. Not only does Zardonic play the same brand of keyboard as Diego. He’s a fellow metalhead who’s followed all four members of TEMIC throughout their careers.

“It was an honor and an absolute blast to work with this dream lineup of a band!” says Zardonic. “I have so much respect for their musicianship and am thankful for the opportunity to bring their sound into the Drum & Bass scene. I hope all the ravers will dance their socks off to this remix. I’m already raving to do this again!”

The fit might’ve been obvious to both parties, but Zardonic does sneak a nice surprise into “Once More”. The song starts off at a quiet build, only to explode into a full-blown rager. “I wonder if I have a reason to reach for the stars” Klemp belts propelled by surging synths and a hard-charging beat that’s bound to get everyone’s blood (and fists!) pumping in the mosh pit.

Download the song stems from Terror Management Theory and remix TEMIC’s power-prog anthems into your own  club thumpers.

Download stems: https://temic.bandcamp.com/album/tmt-stems

  1. TMT
  2. Through the Sands of Time
  3. Falling Away
  4. Count Your Losses
  5. Skeletons
  6. Acts of Violence
  7. Friendly Fire
  8. Paradigm
  9. Once More
  10. Mothallah


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