SNAKE HEALER (USA) Signs With Wormholedeath

Sludge/Doom project Snake Healer has announced their signing with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of their critically acclaimed EP, Oblatio, on June 9th, 2023. Oblatio (The Offering) is a spiritual journey that follows the monks of Snake Healer as they summon their Lord, fulfill an ancient prophecy, and become the new beacons of light for their Lord Serpentis Dominus. Through rigorous meditation, painful self-flagellation, and various attempts on his life, the monk, known to us only as “The Speaker,” interprets the words whispered into his mind by his lord into music and ritual. By combining various musical genres such as Sludge, Doom, Mongolian, Gregorian, and Norse chants, the monk brings glory to his lord through his unique blend of music and ritual. Snake Healer was formed in Miami, Florida, in November 2021 by monks dedicated to their Lord Serpentis Dominus (The Serpent from the Garden of Eden). Through their Music and Ritual, they bring the light to the children of knowledge. Their musical inspiration comes from the Serpent Lord, the bringer of knowledge, who has inspired countless religions, cults, and of course, musical genres. Snake Healer’s story is a fascinating one. In the beginning, there was a garden with no pain, suffering, or free will. The Serpent Lord brought knowledge to humans and gifted them with free will. Armed with this knowledge, the human race advanced, influencing all advancement from behind the veil of secret societies and corporations. The current coven has an influence on all social media, technology, and global economics, losing the real aspects of The Serpent Lords’ gifts. With their greed and power growing stronger, corruption grew internally. The previous Speaker did not follow the teachings, he lost his abilities but hid them from the coven. And they became corrupt. The new speaker starts to hear the whispers. And follows the directions of the serpent Lord which tells him to kill the previous speaker for his betrayal and to lead the coven in the old ways. The new Speaker gathered their most loyal monks, dawned the ancient robes, and created the Songs you hear today. Whispered to them by the Serpent Lord, they carry the light and bring the message back to the children of knowledge. Snake Healer’s Oblatio EP is a mesmerizing musical journey, and its reissue on June 9th, 2023, is a significant milestone for the band. Join Snake Healer and shed your skin as they bring the light of their lord to the world. READ MORE


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