SEITA released second digital single, “Cowards To The Lions”

The Dutch death/thrash outfit SEITA is going to release its album “Maledictus Mundi” on October 26th via Massacre Records.

The band has already released a lyric video for the first single “Back Home

And now, “Cowards To The Lions” is also accompanied by a lyric video

Maledictus Mundi” was mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs. The cover artwork has been created by Tobias Huber a.k.a. Bloodboy. You can already pre-order the album here »

Brace yourselves; the death and thrash metal sound-wave SEITA brings, will destroy the sugarcoating that stands between you and today’s bitter truths!

SEITA – Maledictus Mundi tracklist

1. Cowards to the Lions
2. Justice ICU
3. Burn the Skies
4. Merchants of Death
5. 2299
6. Back Home
7. Above The Ruins
8. Cursed Past
9. The March
10. N.W.C.

Get the album here »

13.10.2018 NL Nijverdal – Cult Art Club
03.11.2018 NL Zaandam – Podium De Flux

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