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Season of Mist is partnering with the musicians of SAVAGE LANDS. Through this partnership, we’ll bang our heads together with members of Megadeath, Sepultura, Obituary and other legendary metalheads to support forests in Costa Rica. This is the first time a record label is partnering & releasing the music of a non-profit organization.

*Listening to Savage Lands is already donating directly to this forest preservation effort.*

Watch the video for “The Last Howl”:

After seeing first-hand how deforestation threatens Costa Rica’s ecosystem, two angry metalheads started their own non-profit organization. Named after their joint passion for savage heavy metal and wildlife preservation, SAVAGE LANDS was founded in 2022 by Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren and musician-turned-activist Sylvain Demercastel, who’s a Costa Rica resident.

“Hearing the chainsaw on a daily basis, because of a recent real estate fever destroying Costa Rica’s ecosystem, we thought it was time to start a new type of action”, says Sylvain. “We are reaching out to this great active community of metalheads.”

Today, SAVAGE LANDS are debuting their first single. “The Last Howl” features Andres Kisser (Sepultura) and John Tardy (Obituary). 100% of the song’s royalties will go toward protecting threatened lands from deforestation.

Listening is already donating directly to the forest preservation effort.

Stream “The Last Howl”:

An extra step can always be taken by directly donating to the cause through:

Fittingly, “The Last Howl” is a howling tribute to the howler monkey, an endangered species in Costa Rica. Verbeuren hammers out thunderous fills and pinging cymbals, while Sylvain rains down heavy pangs of distortion.

“The Last Howl” packs added fury thanks to some special guests. Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser rips off not one, but two acrobatic solos, and swamp king John Tardy (Obituary) unleashes his inner primate with some ferocious, spit-flinging growls.

“When Dirk first received the instrumental demo, he immediately had John Tardy in his mind for some vocals.” Says Sylvain. “Making the link between the howler monkey’s scream and the more melodic chorus of the song.

“Less than 24 hours after reaching out to John through a common friend, we received a YES from Tardy, and knew it was going to be the start of a great adventure.”


“If you want to make a difference, take action! Our greatest hope with SAVAGE LANDS is that it will inspire you to join us, and if you can, to start your own initiative to help preserve animals, forests, and our planet”, says Dirk.

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