RAVENWORD shares new lyric video ‘Purity’

Symphonic power metal band Ravenword has just unleashed the new lyric video for “Purity”, the third single off their one-time studio album “Transcendence”, released in Europe/North America via Rockshots Records and in Japan via Rubicon Music this past January. “Purity” starts off with Italian lyrics accompanied only by piano then builds into a super-melodic symphonic metal track with epic choirs.

With “Transcendence”Ravenword captures the romantic and decadent poetic themes typical of Edgar Allan Poe’s period, combined with an equally decadent symphonic metal sound. In line with Ravenword’s ode to poetry, the title “Transcendence” was chosen to symbolize the idea of always going beyond one’s perception of reality and seeking deeper meanings.

Track Listing:
1. Blue Roses (4:31)
2. Life In Your Hands (5:02)
3. No More (3:53)
4. Lullaby of The Last Petal (4:00)
5. Purity (5:50)
6. Rain of Stars (5:08)
7. The Queen of Darkness (4:16)
8. What I Need (5:18)
9. The Swansong (6:05)
10. Dylan (6:48)
11. Crimson Lake (6:43)
12. The Distance (4:20)
13. Bleeding Moon (7:54)

“Transcendence” is available on all digital platforms HERE.

Ravenword are:
Chiara Tricarico – Vocals
Davide Scuteri – Keyboards / Composer
Cesare Ferrari – Guitars and Bass Guitar
Michele Olmi – Drums
Orchestral Choirs – Greta Cangelosi, Alessandra Vicario and Rehn Stillnight

More Info:

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