PSYCHOPUNCH signs with Massacre Records

PSYCHOPUNCH working on new album

We say PSYCHO! You say? PUNCH!

The Original Scandinavian Superdudes in PSYCHOPUNCH have signed with Massacre Records and will release a new album next year!

The band is still celebrating its 20th anniversary – possibly with lots of their own beer “Psychopunch Beer” – and has an impressive discography to offer so far. But you may already know this, don’t you?

PSYCHOPUNCH is all about the feeling, the rhythm, the attitude and the persistence!

If you’re familiar with PSYCHOPUNCH, then you already know that they always stay true to themselves and happily keep producing fantastic, rocking sing-along tunes with catchy melodies and gritty guitars – without loosing sight of musical evolution, and without being afraid of new and sometimes unusual influences.

What more could you wish for?

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