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If there is one thing you can expect from TUSMØRKE it’s the unexpected, and so it is with their upcoming album “Nordisk Krim”, which is set for release on Karisma Records on the 26th February.

It is an album Psychedelic Folk Rock Proggers have long-dreamt of making, because it deals with one of their fascinations in life – the Danish Bog Bodies, which they first saw when they visited the museums at Moesgaard and Silkeborg as children and remained transfixed by the black bodies with their orange hair.

And today the band has chosen to release “Ride the Whimbrel”, the opening track from “Nordisk Krim” as a single, and you can stream or download it from various locations at:

TUSMØRKE had this to say about the tack:

Ride the Whibrel is a hommage to the spirits of the wetlands. Scouting the reedbeds for waders in the mist, heavy wings overhead glide in and out of focus. Riding the timbrel; villagers would parade their victim in a cart before ducking them in the village pond. Riding the whimbrel; the ethereal body of the drowned float through the fog in the plumage of large shorebirds. Picture a pink flamingo by a kidney shaped pool; then shrink the bird, make it dusky and give it a bill the shape of the new moon; then replace the pool with an archeological dig in a dark, dank, Danish moor; now you may ride the whimbrel.

Regarding the title of the album itself, TUSMØRKE explained that:  

Nordisk Krim, which means Nordic Crime, refers to the fact that the bog bodies were first thought to be a police matter. In reality, the true crime was disturbing the gifts to the gods in their slumber. Nordisk Krim celebrates the willing victims of ancient rites, those whose bodies are in the bog, but whose souls are among the stars in the heavens.

The lineup on “Nordisk Krim”  includes  Benediktator (bass & vocals), Krizla (flute & vocals), HlewagastiR (drums), Haugebonden Gode Gullstein (keys) and Åsa Ree (violin), who recorded and produced the whole thing  in Benedikator’s home studio (Det Ytre Rommet). Apart, of course, from some field recordings and some bubble noises recorded in the bathtub (The Bubble Bath of Blood)!

With artwork by Anne Margrete Sjøflot, track listing on “Nordisk Krim”, which is a double concept album coming in at a whopping 82 minutes, is as follows:

  1. Ride the Whimbrel
  2. Age of Iron Man
  3. Mumia
  4. Cauldron Bog
  5. Dog’s Flesh
  6. Moss Goddess
  7. Black Incubation
  8. Et Moselik
  9. Heksejakt
  10. (The Marvellous and Murderous) Mysteries of Sacrifice

“Nordisk Krim” will be available in digital, double CD and double LP formats, with the vinyl being limited to 666 copies in transparent magenta.  It can be pre-ordered from: 



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A video for the previously released single The “Age of Iron Man” scan be seen at 

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