Ocular Trauma (Canada) Signs with Wormholedeath

Canadian death metal band Ocular Trauma has signed with Wormholedeath Records for the release of their EP, The Dissection of Tragedy. The EP is due to be released on 28/04/2023. The band’s music is rooted in old-school death metal with thrash, doom, and technical aspects. The unique combination of influences and styles each member brings to the band is reflected in their music, making it a reflection of their endless fascination with creating music from the subject of nightmares that plague the realm of sleep as well as real-world horrors. “We in Ocular Trauma are unbelievably ecstatic to be a part of the Wormholedeath family, working together to bring our passion to life through our new EP! This label is a perfect home for us not only musically, but also in our mutual desire for delivering light into the lives of many through the majestically devastating weight of death metal,” said the band.The Dissection of Tragedy” is a 25-minute long piece, crafted by the band to explore the theme of tragedy in ways they haven’t explored in any of their other material. The band’s main inspiration for the album was to let the music and words come to life as naturally as possible and converge as one seamlessly. “We wanted to leave something in our body of work that is unique from all others. This is something we strive to accomplish as a band, and this endeavor we took on together for this album has helped us to open doors to exploring more styles of writing,” added the band. Ocular Trauma was founded in 2016 as a solo project by Tim Anger, who later asked longtime friends Chris Popoli (Guitar) and Jacob Gigliotti (Drums) to play on the first album entitled “Night Mara”. In the process, they realized that they were on to something special that they all spiritually connected with and decided to form Ocular Trauma as a band. John Neadow later joined as the perfect fit for the band. With so many stories to tell and much anguish to expel, Ocular Trauma hopes to reach out to the world with their aural darkness.


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