New videoclip from Yovel – Silence (Samt) Video Clip – “Kemal” Cover | صَمْت |

New videoclip from Yovel – Silence (Samt) Video Clip – “Kemal” Cover | صَمْت |

Dedicated to the women of the Middle East. To the women that stand too proud to fail | director: Panos Andrianos | actress: Antriana Andreovits | woman: Fatima Al Haaj costume designer: Olga Maliaritsi | make-up artist: Vassiliki Yolande Kita – Dulac | assistant director: Romanos Papazotos *** Special Thanks to George Spyropoulos for everything ***

Yovel – Silence (Samt) Video Clip – “Kemal” Cover | صَمْت |

“Silence” is based on the “Kemal” song, by Manos Hadjidakis.

Arrangement & Lyrics by Yovel, except: 1st spoken part, based on the poem: “Tahrir”, by Jehan Bseiso. 2nd spoken part, written and performed by Fatima Haaj This release is a tribute. No profit will be made from it, whatsoever. #ThisIsTheYearOfYovel #ThisIsBlackMetalForTheOppressed

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