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The four horsemen of Necrofier are saddling up for the Decibel Magazine Tour. The Houston black metal band will be riding high from Roseville, California all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for 20+ nights of hell-raising with their tourmates Hulder, Devil Master and Worm.

Hear what life is like out on the left-hand path when Necrofier front man Christian “Bakka” Larson joins the black metal subreddit this Thursday, February 15 at 11 am Central Time. You can ask him anything: what are his favorite amps and pedals, how he got into organizing Hell’s Heroes, why it is, in fact, okay to toss a severed pig’s head around in the pit.

“2024 is starting off crazy with the Decibel Tour and Hell’s Heroes”, says Bakka. “Ask me questions on Thursday before all the madness begins”.

Join the AMA:

Get tickets for Decibel Magazine Tour:

Decibel Magazine 2024 Tour Dates
February 21- Roseville, CA @ Goldfield Trading Post [TICKETS]
February 22 – Oakland, CA @ Thee Stork Club [TICKETS]
February 23 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex [TICKETS]
February 24 – San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick [TICKETS]
February 25 – Mesa, AZ @ The Nile [TICKETS]
February 27 – Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room [TICKETS]
February 28 – Dallas, TX @ Trees [TICKETS]
March 1 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade [TICKETS]
March 2 – Orlando, FL @ The Abbey [TICKETS]
March 3 – Miami, FL @ Gramps [TICKETS]
March 5 – Greensboro, NC @ Hangar 1819 [TICKETS]
March 6 – Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage [TICKETS]
March 8 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts [TICKETS]
March 9 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Monarch [TICKETS]
March 10 – Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East [TICKETS]
March 12 – New Kinsington, PA @ Preserving Underground [TICKETS]
March 13 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop [TICKETS]
March 14 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick [TICKETS]
March 15 – Chicago, IL @ Reggies [TICKETS]
March 16 – St. Louis, MO @ Red Flag [TICKETS]
March 17 – Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck [TICKETS]
March 18 – Denver, CO @ HQ [TICKETS]

Necrofier will be performing songs off their latest album, Burning Shadows in the Southern Night,  which is out now on Season of Mist.

Stream: http://httsp//

  1. The Fall from Heaven
  2. Total Southern Darkness
  3. To the Wolves
  4. Forbidden Light of the Black Moon
  5. Destroying Angels
  6. Whispers That Burn in the Dark
  7. The All Seeing shadows
  8. On Wings of Death We Burn the Sky
  9. Call to the Beyond
  10. Burnt by the Sacred Flame

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