Mystifier releases Two-Part Documentary

'MystifieR - Two days in the Capital of Death Metal'

‘MystifieR – Two days in the Capital of Death Metal’.

Brazilian black metal stalwarts of MYSTIFIER have shared a two-part mini-documentary, ‘Mystifier – Two days in the Capital of Death Metal,’ (Dois dias na Capital do Metal da Morte) which follows the band in Belo Horizonte (BR) at the start of their “Under the Black Magick Dinasty” tour.

The film explores the history of the band as well as the early days of the Brazilian metal scene. The band visits iconic metal landmarks in this Latin American city such as the Bonfim Cemetary, where SARCOFAGO took the pics for ‘INRI‘ and the Cogumelo Records shop. The clips also include behind-the-scenes footage, rehearsals, and more!

Watch Part One

The band comments:
“On our trip to the wonderful city of Belo Horizonte/MG – Brazil (which is the city of Sepultura, Sarcofago and others of extreme acts from the 80s), we recorded this documentary about our tour to promote the recent album ‘Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia,’ released by Season of Mist, in March 2019.
The documentary was recorded in November 2019 and we had no idea what was coming. We didn’t even mention about the pandemic… As all of you know, all of our plans for 2020 have been ruined. All of our tours were canceled in Asia, Europe, United States, Canada and so on. Despite our Mother Earth’s relentless rage against humans (Coronavirus), we are already working on new compositions. Beelzeebubth is working on a solo project too.
A big hug to all our fans, friends, bands, producers, road crews, label and tour managers, pub staff and so on. We can’t wait to come back to road to keep our work on and on. Greetings form Brazil. Stay safe!”

Watch Part Two

In addition to the documentary, Mystifier has also recently released videos for the songs “Witching Lycanthropic Moon

and “Akhenaton (Son Mighty Sun),” both taken from 2019’s ‘Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia.’

Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteiacan‘ can be purchased in various formats here.

Do’Urden – vocals, bass, keyboard
Beelzeebubth – backing vocals, guitar
Warmonger – drums, percussion

MYSTIFIER official:

We love / live rock music – heavy metal music. We want to support the greek rock/metal scene – we want to support the rock/metal scene around the world. If you need support, send us info about your band at [email protected]

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