MIND’S DOORS: Launch “The Light” Official Video

After 2 years, Spanish progressive rock combo MIND’S DOORS are back to launch their brand new video for “The Light”, track taken from their album “The Edge of the World” released in 2018 via Wormholedeath. The band’s comment: “Mind’s Doors haven’t stopped through the last 2020, they’ve been working on their upcoming album, which will be the fourth in their career. Despite these hard times, they’re still looking for new ideas to develop another great story that undoubtedly will surprise you. Their work will be released hopefully during 2021, always with the maximum quality in the production, recording and mastering of their music, working with the best studios and engineers. The band is still creating an engaging, emotional ride of clean vocal progressive music that puts the focus on the most important, the story, the music, the song itself. As an appetiser, Mind’s Doors release a new videoclip from their “The Edge of The World” album. This time is “The Light”, a vital song to understand the story underneath this incredible album, where you will find the magic that music can produce to everyone.”
MIND’S DOORS have a wide variety of musical influences, from rock to 70’s Prog-Rock over Heavy metal and even jazz too. All that stuff creates an incredible atmosphere with great melodies, groove and heavy riffs. READ MORE


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