MASTER BOOT RECORD Release “ANSI.SYS” Guitar Playthrough

– March 8th, 2023 –

There are few truly unique musical artists, but the music made by Italian producer Victor Love as MASTER BOOT RECORD arguably exists in a category of its own. Fans of that music were finally able to see the full live band in all of its CRT and chiptune glory throughout Europe in February. Those in attendance witnessed guitarist Edoardo Taddei’s tremendous lead guitar playing, which has been put on display in a newly released guitar performance for “ANSI.SYS” from the Floppy Disk Overdrive album. Watch the video now HERE.

Founder/producer Victor Love adds: “The live sound of MASTER BOOT RECORD is the result of combining synth guitars and chiptune leads from studio album written by myself via MIDI with live performed guitars playing in sync with them. This is especially challenging for lead guitar parts that aren’t written according to natural guitar playing positions. By combining synthesizers and real instruments (baritone guitar, lead guitar and drums) the live show of MBR is a different experience from the studio albums that are instead 100% synthesized.

Additionally, live videos from the tour have been appearing on YouTube, including a performance of “IRQ 2 CASCADE” from Nantes, France on the band’s official channel HERE.

08.04 – UK – London – O2 Academy
09.04 – UK – Sheffield – Corporation
10.04 – UK – Glasgow – Classic Grand
29.04 – FI – Helsinki – Kuudes Linja
30.04 – PT – Barroselas – SWR Fest


You can SPREAD THE CODE by sharing the events and inviting your friends. We really need all your support, especially in this historical moment when touring has become extremely difficult.

If you are interested in booking a show send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Don’t forget to bring at least 4MB of ram to run Doom and be ready for a live firmware update. We’ll bring the floppy disks.

Helmed solely by technologist/songwriter Victor Love, MASTER BOOT RECORD is, if anything, creatively prolific. The follow-up to Floppy Disk Overdrive (2020), PERSONAL COMPUTER is Love’s latest offering since emerging as an 8-bit ghost from the bulletin board system (BBS) scene in 2016. Now, he’s returned to right-click on devotees with yet another easter egg and symbolism-rich mélange of intensely ornate yet driving digital orchestrations. Just don’t call PERSONAL COMPUTER synthwave, or whatever new-fangled term is being used to describe MASTER BOOT RECORDs masterful video game-like scoring. To put it simply: this is metal done with a synth.

The main elements include chiptune, demoscene & video game music, thrash/death metal and some black metal as well as classical and symphonic patterns and progressive structures. But everything is programmed and done with synthesizers.” The result, influenced as much by classical baroque music, bay area thrash metal, and Commodore 64 games, is a frenzied mashup of what logic suggests should be disparate sounds, but in the hands of MBR make sense, taking the listener in unexpected and always thrilling directions, smashing through genre walls.

Enigmatic, glitched-out chiptuned shredding” – METAL SUCKS

Skillfully alternates between gloomy electronica and warp-speed thrash” – SCENE POINT BLANK

A unique take on metal by completely digitizing it and turning it into something different, grand, epic and pretty brutal” – DEAD RHETORIC

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