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Kiss’s have been promising the end of their career is nigh for so many years that it’s long since surpassed comedic proportions, not that we had any doubt it would unfold this way: the word “farewell” puts butts in seats, butts in seats means mega dollars, and Gene Simmons is aaaaalllll about shamelessly earning as many dollars as possible.

Kiss have now allegedly announced when their final show EVER will take place. But the devil is in the details, and the way the statement is worded leaves open room for interpretation.

Addressing passengers aboard the Kiss-themed cruise ship Kiss Kruise this past weekend, Paul Stanley said the final date of the band’s currently in-progress End of the Road tour will take place on July 17, 2021 in New York City at a venue to be announced (probably Madison Square Garden, right? Has to be.).

But here’s the thing: just because that show will be the final date of the End of the Road tour, per Stanley’s statement, doesn’t mean it’ll be the band’s final show ever. Naming their current tour “End of the Road” certainly suggests as much, but you never know, and this is Kiss we’re talking about. A video trailer posted to Kiss’s Facebook page is equally vague. But let there be no question that Kiss fully intend to cause this kind of misdirection and confusion.

This being Kiss, the band just announced 75 new tour dates between now and July 2021, presumably with more on the way.

So, we’ll have to wait and see. Presumably there will be a ton of press around the New York date once a venue is announced and tickets go on sale, and we’ll probably have a more clear picture then of what the July 17, 2021 show really is.

Here are the recently announced Kiss dates for 2020, with venues and ticket on-sale times yet to be revealed. The band will also hit Australia later this month and Japan in December. You can keep an eye on tickets right here!

Now excuse while I go listen to some Boyz II Men.

Feb. 01 – Manchester, NH
Feb. 04 – Allentown, PA
Feb. 05 – Buffalo, NY
Feb. 07 – Charlottesville, VA
Feb. 08 – Greensboro, NC
Feb. 11 – Columbia, SC
Feb. 13 – Lexington, KY
Feb. 15 – Peoria, IL
Feb. 16 – Fort Wayne, IN
Feb. 18 – Springfield, MO
Feb. 19 – Wichita, KS
Feb. 21 – Sioux City, IA
Feb. 22 – Grand Forks, ND
Feb. 24 – St. Paul, MN
Feb. 25 – Lincoln, NE
Feb. 29 – Laughlin, NV
Mar. 02 – Bakersfield, CA
Mar. 04 – Los Angeles, CA (Makeup date. Original show 9/20/19.)
Mar. 06 – Oakland, CA (Makeup date. Original show 9/16/19.)
Mar. 09 – El Paso, TX
Mar. 10 – Lubbock, TX
Mar. 12 – Tulsa, OK
Mar. 14 – Lafayette, LA
Mar. 15 – Biloxi, MS
Apr. 24 – San Salvador, El Salvador
Apr. 28 – San Jose, Costa Rica
Apr. 30 – Bogata, Columbia
May 02 – Lima, Peru
May 05 – Santiago, Chile
May 07 – Asuncion, Paraguay
May 09 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 12 – Porto Alegro, Brazil
May 14 – Curitiba, Brazil
May 16 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 19 – Uberlandia, Brazil
Jun. 09 – Paris, France
Jun. 12 – Derby, U.K. (Download)
Jun. 14 – Dortmund, Germany
Jun. 15 – Hamburg, Germany
Jun. 18 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun. 20 – Sandnes, Norway
Jun. 23 – Gothenburg, Sweden
Jun. 25 – Stockholm, Sweden
Jun. 27 – Helsinki, Finland
Jun. 29 – Kaunas, Lithuania
Jul. 01 – Prague, Czech Republic
Jul. 04 – Barcelona, Spain
Jul. 05 – Madrid, Spain
Jul. 07 – Lisbon, Portugal
Jul. 10 – Frankfurt, Germany
Jul. 11 – Stuttgart, Germany
Jul. 13 – Verona, Italy
Jul. 15 – Gilwice, Poland
Jul. 16 – Budapest, Hungary
Jul. 18 – Sofia, Bulgaria
Jul. 21 – Geneva, Switzerland
Jul. 25 – Johannesburg, South Africa
Aug. 28 – Mansfield, MA
Aug. 29 – Hartford, CT
Aug. 31 – Canandaigua, NY
Sep. 01 – Bangor, ME
Sep. 04 – Atlantic City, NJ
Sep. 05 – Burgettstown, PA
Sep. 08 – Atlanta, GA
Sep. 09 – Raleigh, NC
Sep. 11 – Clarkston, MI
Sep. 13 – Tinley Park, IL
Sep. 14 – Dayton, OH
Sep. 15 – Milwaukee, WI
Sep. 19 – George, WA
Sep. 20 – Ridgefield, WA
Sep. 22 – Boise, ID
Sep. 24 – Salt Lake City, UT
Sep. 26 – San Bernardino, CA
Sep. 27 – Chula Vista, CA
Sep. 29 – Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 01 – Austin. TX
Oct. 03 – Ft. Worth. TX
Oct. 30-Nov. 04: Kiss Kruise X
Jul. 17, 2021 – New York, NY

[via WMMR]

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