Irish Pagan Metal Warriors Ren Marabou and The Berserkers Sign With Wormholedeath

Irish Pagan Metal Vikings Ren Marabou and The Berserkers have inked a deal with Wormholedeath for their upcoming album titled ‘Helgafjell,’ slated for release on March 29, 2024.”

“All of us here in the Berserker camp are very proud to announce that we have signed with Wormholedeath.” Said the band.”We are very excited to work with Carlo, Nat, Max, and the rest of the awesome WHD crew. Details of the release of our new album ‘Helgafjell’ will be coming soon. We’d like to thank our management at Splitscreen Management for all our hard work and a massive thank you to everyone at Wormholedeath Records for welcoming us to their rock n’ roll family.”

“Helgafjell” The Holy Mountain

As are all Ren Marabou and the Berserkers songs, the theme and topics of this album ‘Helgafjell’ are based on Norse Mythology with fine detail put on historical facts and accurate Norse Mythology findings and scriptures. “Helgafjell” is the brand new album by RMATB and is dedicated to Ren’s Father Micka who passed in September 2022. The theme of this album is Life, Death, and in particular the Norse Mythology Afterlife. The track Holy Mountain is about Ren’s Dad who lived and died as a warrior, a mighty man with the heart of a lion who now resides in one of many Norse Afterlifes, ‘The Holy Mountain’ where the good live blissfully for all of eternity.
The album’s evocative artwork was masterfully created by Terence McCann of Blackdog Graphic Design, complemented by the skilled photography of Kathleen Curran. Ren Marabou orchestrated the recording, mixing, and mastering of all tracks at Skåld Studios.”


Hailing from the Emerald Isle and based in the hills of Co.Donegal these Irish Viking Metal/Norse Pagan Rockers, REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS, deliver their take on this powerful genre with a high-energy stage show and anthemic, contemporary stylings. Endorsed by Cassidy Guitars, Skull Strings, Iron Age Guitar Accessories, and Blackstar. The band is also an Ambassadors for Ulster Mead Co. Based on Convoy Co.Donegal.

Managed by Split Screen Management. They Signed to Florida-based label United Music Mafia in 2021 and released the band’s latest full-length album ‘Tales Of Rune’ with them on July 1st, 2022. In September 2022 REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS joined the “Final Declaration: Northern Tour 2022” with Polish titans VADER and HATE all across Scandinavia!

In November 2023 RMATB signed with Italian-based label Wormholedeath. The band is currently working on their new full-length album ‘”Helgafjell” which will be released with WHD. The album is dedicated to Ren’s Father Micka who passed away in September 2022. 2023 was a very busy year for the Norse Gael Warriors as they began recording their new album and played headline and support shows as well as festivals all across Ireland, notably supporting the Mighty Night Demon in Tyrone, playing Siege of Limerick, Sligo Whiplash, Burning Metal Ireland Fest Dublin, Ulster Mead Factory, Demolition Fest Derry, Supporting Words That Burn in Mchugh’s Drogheda, Headline shows in Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Donegal, Dundalk. 2024 will see RMATB back out on the road in the UK and Europe to promote the release of their new album. Keep an eye on the band’s social media for dates.


Ren Marabou (Vocals and Guitar)
Terence McCann (Drums)
Michael Casserly (Bass)

Join REN MARABOU AND THE BERSERKERS on their exhilarating musical odyssey by following the links below:

Check out ‘The Journeys of Rig’ Official Music Video


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