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Insanity Alert are nothing but a good time. The veteran mosh manics just cracked open a fresh case of crossover thrash last week with the release of Moshemian Thrashody. Today, they’re celebrating their new EP by taking Iron Maiden on a fast and frothy spin through the park.

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Moshemian Thrashody is out now on Season of Mist.

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After almost 15 years, Insanity Alert still go to comically absurd lengths for a good buzz. The latest video from Moshemian Thrashody finds these Austrian pit monsters burning rubber from Las Vegas and the Great Wall of China all the way to the fiery pits of Mordor in search of an ice-cold brewski.”Beer in the Park” overflows with the band’s slapstick humor. Despite suffering a mild heart attack, Slap Master Puke manages to keep the bass lines chunky and grooving. “I have a giant thirst / I just can’t help myself” Heavy Kevy sneers before The Dave of Death launches headfirst into a gold and frothy guitar solo that’ll bring metalheads back to their glory days.

If there’s anything on this Earth that Insanity Alert crave more than a 666-pack, it’s crossover thrash. The band wasted no time worshipping Iron Maiden on their very first full-length with a mosh-brained rendition of  “Run to the Hills”. This time around, they’re shredding through “Fear of the Dark”, which nabbed the NWOBHM trailblazers their first GRAMMY nod back in 1994.

“Beer in the Park” is all in good fun, but Insanity Alert know how to honor the classics. Don Melanzani pushes the pace with a chugging D-beat. Even after several dozen waterfalls, there’s no cooling down The Inphiltrator’s enthusiasm for heavy downpicked riffs.“We think of our renditions as tributes to the greatness of the original songs”, Insanity Alert says. “Mixing their greatness with our blend of speed, fun, brutality and weirdness just feels right”.

The video for “Beer in the Park” was produced, filmed and edited by Max ‘Mugs’ Raggl in Innsbruck, Austria during April 2024 (

Praise for Insanity Alert

“Maddening and powerful thrash from guys who understand the sound and culture” – Metal Injection

“Energetic, lighthearted fun” – Distorted Sound

“Heavy, fast, old-school and right in your face” – Grimm Gent

“They make quite a noise…combining retro thrash with their own boozy brand of skateboarding-crossover thrash which hits at such a speed that by the time you’ve slapped the disc on you’re already getting back off your arse to play it again” – Metal Forces

  1. Welcome to the Moshpit (2:17)
  2. Beer In The Park (4:24)
  3. Beerless Fiesta (2:10)
  4. Moshemian Thrashody (3:43)

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