GRAULAR (Norway) Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce “Ashes” EP Reissue!

Hailin from Norway, Dream Metal-Rock combo GRAULAR have signed with Wormholedeath Records a licensing deal for the reissue of their extraordinary EP “Ashes” due for re-release on November the 12th, 2021. With melodic guitar riffs, fat chords and an aggressive rhythmic section, combined with haunting vocals ranging from silk soft to a fierce punch, Graular combines musical impulses to perfect their modern take on rock. Their lyrics reflect upon political issues, mainly war, environment and capitalism, as well as current taboos such as alcoholism, narcissism and suicide. The group is heavily influenced by bands such as Caligula’s Horse, Tesseract, Dorje and Haken, to name a few. Band statement We are very excited to see how our collaboration with WormHoleDeath unfolds. We’re confident that our stuff is solid, but the challenge has always been to get it out to new listeners. With the unmatched experience and network of WHD, we are sure that great things will ensue. About “Ashes” EP Ashes EP is lyrically a concept piece that starts off with a macro perspective of the problems of humankind, narrowing it down with each song until we reach the average person’s suffering and frustration. Humans will always be the center, like there will always be destruction in this world. Zooming out from “street view” like you’re scrolling on Google Maps until you’re just floating in space, observing the Earth, you notice the clouds have turned dark red, and gigantic, grey mushroom clouds are appearing all over the globe, pulsating. As you’re back on the ground, walking in ash-covered ruins, surrounded by a forest of black smoke, an intimidating and deafening engine sounding like a hundred explosions going off all at once, rumbles through the air at great speed, introducing the second track, ‘Spitfire’. Dedicated to the flying agents of death, with the machine bird’s perspective of the battlefield, the song also touches upon mankind’s inhuman tolerance of violence, as waging war for some egoistic cause is just another day to day job. But what truly lies behind all egoistic decisions is human nature, which the third track ‘Dark Triad’ exposes as it dissects the emotions of a narcissist. This journey of human recklessness has now gone through both third, and second person perspective, and for this EP’s last track, ‘Collide’ is a scream of despair after having lost a loved one, and the feeling of being safe, and that those around you are safe, is just not there anymore, as the unimaginable happens – and the lyrics go: “All harmonies collide”. You end up being left with the remains, the ashes of those dearest to you. READ MORE


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