French Extreme Metal Project Nefarious Mash Signs With Wormholedeath

French Extreme Metal Visionary Nefarious Mash Teams Up with Wormholedeath for The Album “In Memory of Your Hopes”

Partnering with Wormholedeath, the one-man band Nefarious Mash is gearing up to drop his debut album, “In Memory of Your Hopes,” hitting shelves on February 16, 2024.

Combining the raw intensity of extreme metal with avant-garde creativity, “In Memory of Your Hopes” represents Nefarious Mash’s inaugural offering. Eddy Jaber’s unique approach blends the brute force of extreme metal with the intricate complexities of avant-garde expression.

Eddy Jaber, the visionary behind Nefarious Mash, conveyed his gratitude to Wormholedeath for their unwavering belief in the project. “When I was looking for labels to sign the album « In Memory of Your Hopes » for a physical release, WormHoleDeath was the only label that believed in my music enough to give it a chance. Putting money on an experimental project made by a no-name guy like me shows there are still people who believe in art! A great opportunity for artists!”

The album’s lyrical content, influenced by Nietzsche, navigates the modern psyche’s tangled web—its pitfalls, societal pressures, and internal struggles. “In Memory of Your Hopes” confronts these inner demons, urging listeners to ponder their own existence.

Formed by Eddy Jaber in late 2021, Nefarious Mash redefines boundaries within the black metal realm. Marrying the high-octane energy of extreme metal with diverse influences from avant-garde and experimental music, the project crafts a sonic experience that blends harmony and dissonance. Jaber’s fusion of contemporary music and jazz elements, interspersed with dynamic polyrhythms, paints a vivid and captivating musical landscape.

Connect with Nefarious Mash:

Experience the visceral essence of Nefarious Mash through the audiostream video for “In Front of the Mirror”:


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