Folk Artist Amanda Gonsales Unveils Euphonic Tale “Noite Morta” Through Mesmeric Lyric Video

Folk artist Amanda Gonsales enchants with the unveiling of her latest lyrical opus, “Noite Morta,” encapsulated in a visually stunning and emotionally evocative lyric video. “Noite Morta” is taken from the EP, “Sacro,” out via Wormholedeath.

“Noite Morta” (Dead Night) was composed on a cold night, during the winter of 2013, in Évora, southern Portugal. Its lyrics were written exactly in front of the Roman Temple, in a historic complex that also includes the Sé cathedral and the Palace of the Inquisition. The solitude of the beginning night presented me with this song, which on that day, didn’t even intend to become a song yet. Sometime later the melody came out, I can say it was through it that I dared to compose.

“Noite Morta” takes me to this scenario, but also to other landscapes that it opens up and allows me. I’m entering. “Noite Morta” touches the cold, the loneliness, the rawness, and hardiness of life, at the same time that it opens us to a mystery, something that is always in suspension, and that carries us to some place where we feel extremely alone and at the same time connected. With all. It’s that place of solitude where we like to be, where at least for a moment we give thanks and realize that we are part of something that is beyond.
“Noite Morta” is also a prophecy of death, someone who comes to look for us, the irony that we imagine this great entity would have when it invited us to leave. “Noite Morta” is dark, ironic, deserted, sinister, icy, dense, ethereal, challenging, and peaceful as a last breath should be.

“Noite Morta” speaks of our death. A surrender, where we let ourselves be carried away and be part of something much bigger. The peak, which makes us feel extremely connected with life.

Amanda’s artistic expression transcends conventional boundaries, as she invites her audience to embark on a multisensory journey through sound and stage performance, transporting them to realms beyond the ordinary fabric of space and time.

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