Dark Archive’s iconoclastic new music video Morningstar

Dark Archive released a new massive music video single ”Morningstar”. Song is part of the forthcoming full-length album. Album is almost fully composed and after some small improvements band will start recording final guitar tracks. When the album comes out, band will be a full-member band. All members are very skilled, determined and motivated and share the same goal: Aim as high as possible.

This song and video production has been a six month process and there has been a blood sweat and tears, so it’s not a small project especially when Dark Archive is at the moment an unsigned band. Orchestrals for the song are done by an Irish composer Peter Crowley, who has done lots of co-operation with several metal bands. Peter has also informed that he is eager to continue the work with Dark Archive.

All Dark Archive members are giving everything to to the band and every member has the same passion to have a chance to tour with bigger names and do this for living, there is no other option for them.

Morningstar -single and forthcoming album is recorded and mixed by Joakim Lindholm in the band’s own studio.

Vocalist Niko Aromaa comments the video:
“It tell’s the divine story of how God abandons his son Lucifer, translated into mortal version about religious family abandoning their child. And him becoming the archetype of Satan in earth after acknowledging his past.”


Joakim Lindholm – Lead guitars, composing, recording and mixing
Niko Aromaa – Vocals, Lyrics
Oskari Niekka – Rhythm guitars

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