Daniele Brusaschetto Joins Forces with Wormholedeath

We are thrilled to announce that the boundary-pushing extreme music virtuoso, Daniele Brusaschetto, has officially inked a deal with Wormholedeath Records. This exciting collaboration sets the stage for the much-anticipated release of his upcoming album, “Bruise A Shadow, “due for release on October 20th, 2023 worldwide. More than thirty years animating the obscure scene of Torino, in the Northwest of Italy. Daniele Brusaschetto continues his journey through the different souls of a complex city, with his very personal sonic soot. The new album ties and expands the tropes of the former Flying Stag, hammering even more along the lines of the incandescent lineage of Voivod, Godflesh, and early Mastodon. Tracks built in the last 5 years, existentialism, melancholy, daily apocalypse, non-sense, delirium, and irony. Granite enriched by the mist of new / no wave, from which the echo of sudden melody emerges, a sort of emotional industry, to uncover beyond the wall of guitars. Daniele Brusaschetto has been exploring a wide spectrum of sonic genres since his artistic debut in 1994, from industrial and noise rock to metal and introspective songwriting. His relentless pursuit of pushing sonic boundaries has been a defining aspect of his musical journey. Brusaschetto’s live performances peaked in the 1990s and 2000s, with energizing tours across Europe and the United States. In the 2000s and 2010s, he turned to electronic experimentation, but he never stopped producing records. In 2016, Brusaschetto returned to his love of guitar and rock music. His 2019 album “Flying Stag” was a triumphant return to the world of heavy, math, groove, and stoner rock. His latest album, “Bruise A Shadow” completes his transformation into a sound reminiscent of early Mastodon, Voivod, and the emotional post-punk movement. Throughout the years, Brusaschetto’s band has been joined by numerous artists from the Italian “alternative” scene, including Marco Rinaldi (Crunch, Omega Machine, Lama Tematica), Francesco Lurgo, Marco Milanesio (DsorDNE), Bruno Dorella (OvO, Ronin, Bachi Da Pietra), Marco “Il Bue” Schiavo (Larsen), and Mirco Rizzi (Ashtool, Nerocapra).


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