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Alkaloid contain more than just multitudes. Their new album ‘Numen’ compresses meteoric riffs, seductive flurries of jazz and flamenco, and a multi-part saga about a godlike galactic civilization into a dizzying, thrilling 70 minutes.

“Songs like the ones you’ll encounter on ‘Numen’ couldn’t be conceived without highly active imaginations”, says No Clean Singing.

Lambgoat: “Everything hits in a big way; big enough to be an Outer God of the genre”.

That’s a lot for any metalhead to unpack. But lucky for us, Alkaloid are hosting a Bandcamp listening party to chat with fans about their new album. Join the metal mad scientists tomorrow at 5 pm EST, when they go behind-the-music into everything from 7/16 time signatures, Stygian choirs and roughly four billion years of multicellular evolution.

Tomorrow happens to be Bandcamp Friday. Purchase ‘Numen’ or other Alkaloid merch during the listening party and the bulk of your money will go directly to supporting the band!

RSVP for the Bandcamp listening party tomorrow, October 6 @ 5 pm EST.

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Alkaloid are still bonded together by their love of extreme metal. After all, they are a super group that’s assembled from foundational members of Obscura, Dark Fortress, Triptykon and other genre heavyweights. But Numen finds the band playing around with all kinds of experiments. “Shades of Shub Niggurath” brings back the band’s chaotic signature death metal to conjure the titular goat-like outer god.

Take a cosmic trip through Lovecraftian space lore by watching the song’s new visualizer, which was made by Scott Rudd Film.

  1. Qliphosis
  2. The Cambrian Explosion
  3. Clusterfuck
  4. Shades of Shub-Niggurath
  5. A Fool’s Desire
  6. The Fungi From Yuggoth
  1. The Black Siren (Instrumental)
  2. Numen (Dyson VII)
  3. Recursion (Dyson VIII)
  4. The Folding (Dyson IX)
  5. Alpha Aur

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