BLINDED BY HOPE (Australia) Signs With Wormholedeath & Announce “We Are” Album

Australian musician Mitch Castell’s solo project BLINDED BY HOPE has signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the album “We Are” due for release on the 18th of February 2022. Blinded By Hope statement: Blinded By Hope has today announced a global distribution deal with record label Wormholedeath. This partnership sees Australian alternative and progressive metal band Blinded by Hope, signing directly with Wormholedeath, marking the beginning of a four-year agreement for the release, distribution and marketing of the band’s upcoming second album “We Are”. Following the release of Blinded By Hope’s debut album “Chapter 1: Awakening” on 21 May 21, the band has been working tirelessly, forging ahead on the second album, “We Are”, to create a conceptual and cohesive collection of songs that sound like no other. Blinded By Hope’s guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer Mitch Castell says Wormholedeath were the perfect fit and that he was honoured to be side-by-side with a multitude of unique rock, metal and hardcore artists across the globe. “The signing with Wormholedeath is such an exciting opportunity for Blinded By Hope,” Mitch said. “This agreement represents a huge step forward for the band, and I can’t wait to unleash Blinded By Hope’s sound to people everywhere.” Blinded By Hope’s new agreement will include the digital and physical release of the band’s upcoming second album “We Are”, as well as promotion and marketing services in Europe, USA, Japan and beyond. About “We Are” Blinded By Hope’s second album “We Are” is a heavily conceptual and cohesive album, offering a distinctive and magnetic mixture of heavy and progressive melodic rock and metal. “We Are” pushes the boundaries of traditional song-writing and offers an honest insight into the mind of Blinded By Hope’s leading-man – guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer – Mitch Castell. READ MORE


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