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Ever watch a shark play drums? Now is your chance! Perth’s premier electro prog sensation VOYAGER is all about breaking boundaries and making the unthinkable happen, and as such, they’ve just launched a drum play-through of their latest single, “Submarine,” featuring A. Shark! The bouncy and uplifting track takes you through a progressive pop metal journey that has been complimented for it’s Devin Townsend-esque vibe. Deep down in the depths of Atlantizz we find a rehearsal space with A. Shark busting out the groove on the drums and this play-through of “Submarine” is the result. The clip can be found at THIS LOCATION.

We managed to grab VOYAGER drummer Ash Doodkorte for a quote on how he felt to be relieved of drumming duties and replaced by A. Shark! Doodkorte says:

“‘Submarine’ is a beast of a song to play on the drums – packed to the gills with chaotic fills and bombastic beats that leave me wrecked by the end. It was such a relief to hand over drumming duties to A. Shark for this one and leave it in his very capable fins. He really sunk his teeth into this track, and I think you’ll agree that this frenzied performance is a joy to behold. We’re going to need a bigger kit.”

VOYAGER released “Submarine” ahead of their very successful UK/EU tour with VOLA. Voyager’s new music video takes a dive into the depths of Atlantizz where the band is searching for a new bass player. VOYAGER break out their fun and spirited side in this music video in conjunction with a song that welcomes the next wave of what VOYAGER has to offer. The original video can be found HERE while the single can be streamed or downloaded HERE.

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