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SETH emerge as the harbinger of a sound steeped in the clandestine narratives of Parisian lore and rebellion. Today, they release Dans le Cœur un Poignard, the latest single from their upcoming album La France des Maudits. A dark ode to those who bear the mark of betrayal and suffering within their hearts.

The haunting melody of Dans le Cœur un Poignard weaves through the labyrinth of Parisian despair, illuminating the darkest corners of a wounded heart. Lyrically, the track is a poignant narrative of anguish and defiance, serving as a siren call to those who navigate the treacherous waters of existence with a dagger sheathed within their soul. SETH, with their meticulous craftsmanship, etches a tale of sorrow and resilience, emboldened by the ethereal whispers of a love lost to the voracious appetite of betrayal.

“Dans mon cœur ce poignard. Toujours souffrir, Jusqu’à la mort!”, Saint Vincent echoes. A stark reminder of the perpetual battle against the specters of our past, encapsulating the essence of human struggle – a relentless journey punctuated by moments of exquisite pain and sublime liberation.

Alongside the haunting melodies of Dans le Cœur un Poignard, SETH has commissioned a visually arresting music video, bringing the song’s themes of betrayal, anguish, and defiance to life with heart-piercing imagery. Helmed by the visionary Pierre Reynard, it’s a striking piece of art, beautifully accompanying the song’s melancholic melodies.

Watch the music video for Dans le Cœur un Poignard here: https://youtu.be/p9HVZWjNsVQ

La France des Maudits is out July 14, on Bastille Day, through Season of Mist.

Pre-order & pre-save: https://orcd.co/sethlafrancesdesmaudits

  1. Paris des Maléfices
  2. Et Que Vive le Diable !
  3. La Destruction des Reliques
  4. Dans le Cœur un Poignard
  5. Marianne
  6. Ivre du Sang des Saints
  7. Insurrection
  8. Le Vin du Condamné

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